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Why Balloon Advertising?

1. People are spending more time out of home.... driving, commuting, etc.

In the last 25 years, there's been a 147% increase in the amount of time we spend on the road and a 53% increase in the number of automobiles per household, but only 19% increase in the time spent watching television, even when there are 530% more channels coming into those same households.

2. It's affordable.

Out-of-home advertising has the lowest cost per thousand.

3. It's flexible.

Out-of-home advertising offers many ways to advertise to meet a wide range of marketing and communication needs. It can go where other ad mediums cannot: on jammed highways, on top of buildings, on congested city streets and more, providing unique, excellent market reach.

4. It's high impact.

Big, bold and colorful, out-of-home advertising is commanding, attracting attention with innovative, eye-catching executions. It's in your prospects' line of vision and cannot be zapped or skipped over. Saturation exposure opportunities/promise of prolonged exposure (transit); repetition creates constant awareness.

Think about it. You are driving down the same road to work every day and everything blends into the background. Then one day you see something not so familiar. It is a Giant balloon. You can't help but look at it.

Most of the people that shop at your store live and drive by it every day. We can help make you stick out of the background instead of blending in.

People who drive by your location on a regular basis are your potential customers. Let them know you are open for business!